Clean Cuisine of Maryland founders Jerry and Erin Schlichting

When Erin and Jerry met, it was with a common goal of making delicious food that is also good for the body.

For Jerry, food was the only business he had ever known. From his first job working in his mother’s gourmet store to eventually managing his own; he has gained over 25 years experience in the industry and a passion for excellent food. While managing the Gourmet store, he realized the importance of the prepared foods department to the local clientele. Prepared foods made life easier for families in the community who are simply too busy to cook. While Jerry managed the store, he was able to work in the kitchen to create his own culinary style and flair for making food that was not only delicious, but appealing to the eye as well.  A passion for fitness was always in the background in his life, so, it was a no-brainer to bring the two worlds together and start making delicious food for the increasingly health conscious world.

For Erin, health conscious eating was always a priority from the time she learned to cook. Once her children grew up, she chose health and nutrition as a career in the health club industry. After creating meal plans and running health challenges for a local gym, she realized the hardest part of client success was the meal prep. People don’t have the time, a culinary background, or even the desire to cook at all. Nutrition is the backbone of any good fitness regimen. Therefore, providing delicious, healthy, prepared meals for clients could immensely improve their chances of reaching their goals and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Over the past several yeas Erin has had the pleasure of helping hundreds of people reach their health and fitness goals while guiding them to a healthier lifestyle.

At Clean Cuisine, it is our mission to deliver meals with quality and all natural ingredients to our clients. Whether you are entertaining a crowd or just want healthy nutritious meals for yourself or your family; we can accommodate your needs. We can deliver fresh healthy meals to your home or office for your convenience. Contact us today to see how we can help you.

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